High-Speed and Dial-up Internet
    When people talk about "Getting the Internet", this is what they want.

    Dial-Up Service allows customers to connect to the Internet using a modem over their existing phoneline. This is a great option for users who want to check their email, browse the Web, or who are on the move.

    High-Speed Internet does not use your phoneline, and is capable of giving speeds far greater than is possible using a traditional telephone connection. This is a common connection these days for children to do their homework, downloading large files, gaming and frequently visiting websites with a large amount of content.

    Whether you are a frequent or occasional user, we offer packages that fit everyone's needs and budget.

    Glinx can host your website, domain, e-mail or FTP site. Whether on your own domain or ours, this saves you the cost of a dedicated server and 24 hour connection to the Internet.

Web Site Design. Don't have a website, but you want one? Need a designer? We can help you find one. Contact our Sales Department for more information.
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